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Hivearchive benefits:


Spend 75% less time
on inventory planning for their business


Spend 100% less time
calculating your profits as they update minute by minute


Increase profits
focus on your most profitable products and eliminate the losers


Add your products across multiple platforms
Support for FBA, and soon Shopify and Walmart

The Hivearchive Process

Step by Step Workflow

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One click OAuth authorization to your seller data

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In the background we fetch all your order and inventory history

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We process, organize and produce dashboards summarizing your business data

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We continuously update your data and dashboards to give you a real time view into your seller analytics

Fast analysis of your business

Know your numbers

You can’t operate in e-commerce without understanding your products and profit:

  • One-click Amazon approved data access
  • Secured using industry best pratices, inside Amazon AWS cloud
  • Big data analysis using the artificial intelligence and scripted queries
  • Industry standard ACLs and security posture for all datalakes and databases


All the features are included

Hivearchive provides tools to analyze your Amazon FBA sales. If you are an Amazon seller, and need software to provide you better detail into your order history and sales, you’ve come to the right place. We can track your profitability on individual items, by parent, and over time. We will provide you with the best Amazon FBA tools with one consistent price. You can alert on price changes, profitability changes, and optimize for your best-selling products.

  • profit tracking
  • inventory tracking
  • automatic dashboards
  • deep dive into the data that Amazon doesn’t and can’t give you
  • automatic monitoring and alerting of price and profitability changes
  • get a heads up on when and how much to order from your suppliers
  • keep your supplier data and price data away from Amazon
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Customer response

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