Track Profits Automatically

Know exactly what your sales, costs, and profits are at all time. Track inventory and be able to plan your expansions quarter over quarter.


Developed for FBA Business Owners

Be able to dive deep into your own data to gain an edge over your competition.

One Click FBA Integration

View Historic Data

We use Amazon approved integration to make it easy for you to integrate with your FBA account. One click imports make it easy to generate reports automatically.

Track Custom Events

Plan your inventory for Amazon Prime Day, Q4 Holiday Rush and more

How does it work

How Does It Work?

We have deep API connection with Amazon and import your data, securely, and allow you to make sense of it, with dashboards and simple reports.


Signup For Your Account

Register your account, and we'll walk you through connecting with your FBA account.


Automatic Reporting

We will build the most useful dashboards for you, without having to customize or write code. Over time, we'll give you deep tools to create your own reports.


AI/ML Analysis

Plan your quarters, and see which of your products are the most profitable. Double down on these, and remove the low performers from your account.

Get Access To All The Information You Need

We import all of your orders continuously, separating them out by product type, brand, price, and more. We slice and dice this data, to give you true insights into your business, allowing you to continue to grow.

See your most profitable SKUs

Sort your products by Parent ASIN, and be able to see which variation is selling the most, and which one is making you the most money.

Find out what needs help

Are your products losing money? Are you underpricing your product so that only Amazon is getting a return? How much of your sales is Amazon taking? How much is your supplier?

Compare to your competition

Track your competitors, and see changes to their pricing.

Discover new products

Use data analytics and machine learning / AI to discover new products that could be selling better than your competition.

See Everything About Your Products In One Place

Single pane of glass for your entire e-commerce business.


Price & Plans

Whether you're a business or an individual, 30-day trial included, cancel anytime.


All of our standard features, pay as you go, cancel anytime!



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